Wedding Day Photography Checklist

Hi, I’m super excited about today’s blog and sharing with everyone how useful it is to prepare a Wedding Day Photography Checklist. Being a creative type, I love brainstorming ideas and that is a must before the wedding. Think of the checklist as more of a guideline and not a rigid list. There will be lots more pictures during the day, but the checklist allows the couple to add ‘must have’ images and becomes a great way to talk about and plan for the best time of day and way to get those images.

One of the greatest advantages for me is the ability to create a plan for Family Portraits. Whether there is a First Look before the wedding followed by Formal Portraits for the families or Formal Portraits immediately following the ceremony, this preparation helps to keep this portion within a 30-45 minute window, depending on how many combinations are requested. (In some rare cases, this may extend to 60 minutes.)

  1. Always be very specific about each combination.

  2. Ask details, then arrange photos to be taken so it’s easy to ask a person to step in or out of the frame.

  3. Set and test off camera lighting before beginning. I encourage off camera lighting as it eliminates shadows especially with large groups of people.

  4. It’s okay to ask one of the Bridal party or a family member to call out the next group on the list. Sometimes it’s the best approach since they know the family members.

    As for the other images on the Checklist, having a guideline helps remind you of the images you need.

Have fun and enjoy!

Wedding day checklist
Wedding day checklist