Olivia & Milton

The wedding day for this beautiful couple was filled with love and romance. The full length, ornate mirror, the long windows, the dressing vanity with perfect lighting, and the timeless couch were features of the Bridal suite that made for amazing captures in a relaxed setting as the Bride and Bridesmaids prepared to walk down the aisle. Family and friends filled the chapel for the ceremony and emotions were full as these two exchanged vows, rings and kissed for the first time as husband and wife. Afterwards, everyone gathered at Center Stage for dinner, toast, and to dance the night away in elegance. Center Stage is a treasure with beautiful interior and excellent accommodations giving this wedding day a story book feel. The bubble exit was a perfect send off for the newly weds! Congratulations Olivia & Milton! We loved your day!


Venue - Center Stage https://www.performcenterstage.com/

Catering - Our Place http://www.myourplacecafe.com/

Hair and make-up - Faith Patterson-Johns, https://www.facebook.com/Faithpattersonhairstylist/
Instagram @f.p.johns_hair

Spring Haven Styled Shoot

The historical Spring Haven can be the venue for the wedding of your dreams. This styled shoot gives you a hint of how exquisite your day can be. Check out our blog for more about the venue and vendors.

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Wedding Day Photography Checklist

Hi, I’m super excited about today’s blog and sharing with everyone how useful it is to prepare a Wedding Day Photography Checklist. Being a creative type, I love brainstorming ideas and that is a must before the wedding. Think of the checklist as more of a guideline and not a rigid list. There will be lots more pictures during the day, but the checklist allows the couple to add ‘must have’ images and becomes a great way to talk about and plan for the best time of day and way to get those images.

One of the greatest advantages for me is the ability to create a plan for Family Portraits. Whether there is a First Look before the wedding followed by Formal Portraits for the families or Formal Portraits immediately following the ceremony, this preparation helps to keep this portion within a 30-45 minute window, depending on how many combinations are requested. (In some rare cases, this may extend to 60 minutes.)

  1. Always be very specific about each combination.

  2. Ask details, then arrange photos to be taken so it’s easy to ask a person to step in or out of the frame.

  3. Set and test off camera lighting before beginning. I encourage off camera lighting as it eliminates shadows especially with large groups of people.

  4. It’s okay to ask one of the Bridal party or a family member to call out the next group on the list. Sometimes it’s the best approach since they know the family members.

    As for the other images on the Checklist, having a guideline helps remind you of the images you need.

Have fun and enjoy!

Wedding day checklist
Wedding day checklist

Lost River Cave

There is a romantic eeriness about caves. Yes, something strange and frightening about going down into the earth surrounded by rock walls into natural halls that have been carved out over centuries by underground rivers. Formations of stalactites and stalagmites decorating the neutral interior create a natural Feng Shui as the path winds through this cavity in the earth. Yet, there exists a quiet, peacefulness that allows a place of refuge for awhile.

Kari and Nick chose Lost River Cave for their ceremony and reception. White chairs on the banks of the river, created an aisle for Kari's entrance. The wooded area provided a natural cathedral for this real life fairy tale.  After portraits, the couple made their grand entrance into the historic Cavern Nite Club, located in one of the largest cave entrance areas in the United States. The up-lighting on the cave walls added charm and elegance. When Nick took Kari into his arms for the first dance, there was magic in the air. It was obvious they were meant only for each other forever. After dinner and visiting with guests the couple moved to the cake table and put on bibs! There were lots of giggles and laughter as these two weren't afraid to get a little messy with the traditional 'feeding of the cake.' Then there was dancing! Congratulations Kari and Nick!!! 

Jennifer and Mike

Nashville is a great place for a destination wedding. If your guest, friends, and family are traveling from different locations anyway, why not invite them to a celebration in the heart of Music City? The options are endless for venues and vendors offering everything from outdoor barn weddings - some of which offer cozy Bed and Breakfast accomodations for out of towners, historical homes, Botanical Gardens, Country Clubs to beautiful Hotel weddings (Opryland Resort) or Chapel and Cathedral weddings. Travel arrangements are easy with Nashville International Airport available. The area has some of the best Caterers and Wedding Cake designers in the region. If you like good food, you're going to love Nashville where you can treat your guest to a sit down meal with everything from carved roast beef, filet mignon to a buffet with waffles and hot chicken. 

Jennifer and Mike did just that, a destination wedding! So much fun and such a beautiful day! They chose the Cathedral of the Incarnation for their ceremony. Their family and friends filled the pews as Mike saw his bride walking down the aisle, radiant and beautiful holding onto the arms of her Mother and Dad. There were so many beautiful moments as the priest who officiated spoke to the couple and the congregation. After the release of doves, the couple and the wedding party left in a party bus for Riverfront park to have a few pictures of the heart of the city for their collection. One of their guests actually traveled hundreds of miles by boat, so of course that picture was a highlight. Terian Farms was the perfect choice for the reception. The grounds offer a nostalgic indoor barn perfect regardless of weather conditions. We also loved the horses and beautiful country scenery. Their evening was full of good food, smiles and laughter and dancing. Well-wishers lined the side walk with sparklers as these two made their exit for the evening. Congratulations Jennifer and Mike!