We are absolutely in love with these photos. We started this session off in Gallatin at Lock 4 Park. They have the cutest little dog, who instantly became the star of our shoot. The double-seater bicycle was also a nice touch. Great idea, guys. This park also has a very special significance. It was where Justin got down on one knee and proposed to the love of his life. After our fun at the park, we headed to downtown Nashville to the Shelby Street bridge for more of an urban feel. The lighting was absolutely perfect and we were so pleased with the results.

Please join us in congratulating such a beautiful couple on their up-coming marriage.

04-27-2013 (Daniel's Big Bar Mitzvah) Old Natchez Country Club

Client: The SaulsDate: April 27th, 2013 Venue: Old Natchez Country Club, Franklin, TN Service Provided: DJ, Emcee, Live-Picx/Texting, Shadow-dancing, Uplighting, Monogram, PhotoCenter, Motivational Dancers Photo Album: Daniel's Bar Mitzvah

This is Daniel's Big Bar Mitzvah held this past weekend at Old Natchez Country Club in Franklin, TN. This was a huge event with energy that was absolutely off the charts! About 100 kids an 50-75 adults in attendance.

Our crew included a 7-person team; 2 DJ/Emcees, 2 professional dancers, 2 A/V techs and 1 PhotoCenter technician. The package included our huge, dual video screens (which barely fit in the room, btw); Live-Pics/Texting on the left and Shadow-dancing on the right.

DJ Russ started the evening off with a series of fun games and the kids quickly got into "party mode". Our dance team, Shay and Malik helped us with the kids as well as a new friend, Angela. Thanks guys, for such a great job! As the evening progressed and daylight subsided, the bright and bold uplighting colors really began showing. We used about 30 fixtures, which were strewn through several different rooms around the venue and we used a color scheme of Blue, Orange and Yellow, which matched up with Daniel's chosen theme and table center-pieces (Blue/Orange/Yellow Lacrosse balls). The PhotoCenter was also a huge hit and we look forward to seeing the PictureBook from it. Following are some pictures from the event.

The kids with their glow necklaces. Live-Pics/Texting on the left screen, shadow-dancing on the right

Monogram with blisslight background

Lotsa games (and Shay with a big ole smile)

Lots of dancing on this one

For dance lighting, 4 chauvet LED scanners and 1 Martin acrobat

Nashville Wedding DJ, Lighting and PhotoCenter Service – – –

Rachel's Mighty Monkey Mitzvah (3-23-2013)

Client: Rachel & AustinDate: March 23rd, 2013 Venue: Embassy Suite Hotel Cool Springs – Franklin, TN Service Provided: DJ, Emcee, Live-Pics, Texting, Uplighting, Monogram, Professional Dancers, Shadow-Dancing Photo Album: Rachel's Bat Mitzvah

This week finds us at Embassy Suites Hotel in Coolsprings for Rachel's Bat Mitzvah.

The event was held at the Embassy Suite Hotel in Cool Springs and this is a gorgeous facility. Since Rachel just adores monkeys, this was our evening's theme complete with a Monkey Ice Sculpture and tons of monkey-themed prizes for the kids. Here's DJ Russ, striking a pose in front of the sculpture.

This is one of our largest setups, complete with two, 10-foot rear projection screens on either side of the DJ table. The left side was our patented Live-Pics (r) and Text-messaging system. The right screen was setup for some fun shadow-dancing.

While the adults enjoyed themselves at a Cocktail hour in the Atrium, DJ Russ and our dancers, Shay and Malik, kept the kids entertained with a series of great games.

As the night moved along, even the adults joined us on the packed dance floor for some great dancing.

And, as if that weren't enough, we also had a very special musical guest when Jordan Meredith (of American Idol fame) took the mic to belt out some serious Aretha Franklin stuff.

Congrats to miss Rachel!


Isaac's Giant Bar Mitzvah - Gordon Jewish Community Center - Nashville, TN

Client: IsaacDate: March 2nd, 2013 Venue: Gordon Jewish Community Center – Nashville, TN Service Provided: Sound, Dance Lighting, Perimeter Uplighting, 2-10 foot projection screens, Shadow-dancing, Live-Pics, Texting and PhotoCenter DJ/Emcee: MusicCityMitzvah Photo Album: Isaac's Bar Mitzvah

This week found us teaming up with our good friends over a Music City Mitzvah for Isaac's (pronounced "Itzak") Bar Mitzvah at the gorgeous Gordon Jewish Community Center. Here's young Isaac (center):

This was a rather large event, with somewhere around 125 very energetic kids and about 50-60 adults. This one required a team approach and included the following cast members:

DJ/Emcee - Russ and Jordan Lighting/Sound/AV - Rick Dancers - Shay & Malik PhotoCenter Technician - Shannon


This was one of our larger lighting setups, and included over 30 perimeter Uplighting fixtures (green & purple), 4 mirror scanners, 2 Martin acrobats, and followspot for the Grand Entrance. For visuals, we ran 2 ten foot screens on either side of the stage. On the left, we ran Live-Pics (our live picture slideshow) and Text messaging. On the right we ran another ten foot screen for shadow-dancing (projector in the back and we let the kids dance in front of the screen-very cool).

I have to brag on my friend Russ, at Music City Mitzvah. This guy is the absolute king of hosting Mitzvahs, having been a top name on the New York City scene for almost 18 years. With all the games, dancing and other activities, there wasn't a moment wasted the entire night. Check out Russ in action:

Our Motivational Dancers, Shay and Malik also had their hands full, engaging the kids (and adults) and even led a group dance-off during the night.

I have to give props to Shay. Earlier in the evening, she was on the floor and working with the kids when one young man got a bit excited, swinging his coat over his head. It just so happened that a button from his coat caught Shay right in the eye (major ouch) and it started swelling shut immediately! Instead of packing it in, Malik got a bag of ice and Shay used it to take the swelling down, then headed back out onto the floor for more action the rest of the evening.

The PhotoCenter was also a huge hit and Shannon stayed busy the entire night running over 185 sessions (560+ individual shots) for the night. This was probably the most shots we've ever squeezed into a single event and Shannon handled it like a pro. Props to her for doing such a great job.

The rest of the evening was spent with dancing and tons of prizes and cool glow-wear.

Nashville Wedding DJ, Lighting and PhotoCenter Service – – –


Ruby & Henry's 50th Anniversary (Hermitage Golf Course)

Client: Ruby & HenryDate: December 29th, 2013 Venue: Hermitage Golf Course – Old Hickory, TN Service Provided: DJ, Emcee, PhotoCenter Photo Album: Ruby & Henry

We recently had the pleasure of providing DJ and PhotoCenter for Ruby & Henry's 50 wedding anniversary celebration.  This was a rather intimate affair, held at the Hermitage Golf Course clubhouse and included about 50 guests, mostly family. Meet the lovely couple:

Ruby has several sisters, which showed us their wild-and-crazy side. Check out the fun at the PhotoCenter.

After a fantastic meal, provided by HGC (these guys have one of the best kept secrets with their chef, by the way), we kicked it up a notch and let our guests "cut a rug".

Toward the end of the night, both Ruby & Henry got up to exchange gifts. One of the gifts was a trip to Disney World, which they and several family members were leaving for the next morning. I just loved the Mouseketeer hats. Thanks guys, for letting us be a part of your celebration!

Nashville Wedding DJ, Lighting and PhotoCenter Service – – –

Lauren's Rockstar Bat Mitzvah (Hillwood Country Club - Belle Meade)

We were proud to team up with Russell Wolff of Music City Mitzvah (Russ DJs a lot of our wedding events) for Lauren's Bat Mitzvah at Hillwood Country club in Belle Meade, TN. Check out the "before" and "after" shots below. BEFORE


It ended up being a 4-man team effort when we were joined by another of our guys, DJ Ryan. Ryan acted as our tune-spinner (DJ) while Russ acted as emcee with his usual abundance of energy.

Matthew and I supplied sound, 3 screens of projector visuals (gobo, Live-Pics and a Shadow-dancing screen) as well as a large dance lighting rig and perimeter uplighting.


Obviously, this was a rather large-scale production and I'm happy to say that it went smoothly from beginning to end. With roughly 150 kids in attendance, Russ pulled out all the stops with a list of crowd-pleasing games that he delivered in rapid-fire fashion. As the night rolled on, DJ Ryan then upped the heat on the dance floor. It's entirely fulfilling, as a production person, to see all those smiles and sweat pouring off the attendees.

Rick Ryan Nashville Wedding DJ, Lighting and Photobooth - - -

Ashley & Jonathan's Wedding-5-1-2010 (Memphis TN)

This was one that will certainly go down in the record books, at least for me. It was quite the adventure. First off, the lucky couple: Ashley & Jonathan

The reception was held at The Balinese Ballroom, downtown, near the river. Great location and Mike, the owner, is exceptional to deal with. This was the weekend of the "Great Flood" in Tennessee and it was tough getting there. I ended up driving THROUGH a river that had come up across the interstate, then took a 60-mile detour at another location where the interstate was shutdown. I got there with just enough time to setup.

The guests were great and they certainly came to party.

Around 10:30p, just as the party was really going, we got word that tornado alarms were going off downtown and that we might have to evacuate. Un-daunted, Ashley & Jonathan decided to go ahead and we partied until midnight. Wonderful couple and wonderful event.

Nashville Wedding DJ, Lighting and Video

Michael & Sybil's wedding - Huntsville, AL - April 23, 2010

Michael & Sybil's wedding - Huntsville, AL - April 23, 2010 This was a small, intimate wedding held at the Hampton Inn in Huntsville, Alabama. I did this one solo, without an assistant, and had the chance to give my new EV ZXA1 speakers a good work-out. The ceremony was held out on a rear patio area, really lovely stone work at this one and I'd highly recommend the facility for any smaller type events you might be planning. The staff was excellent to work with. The EVs sounded fantastic and were more than enough for both the ceremony and the reception, without subs.

Michael told me that they'd met through Great story about how they spoke for a while and then, when he wanted to ask her out on a "real" date, only then did they find out they were located just a few miles from each other. The rest, as they say, is history.

The evening started off in the rear patio for the ceremony. Very sweet and immediately afterwards we moved everything inside for some mingling, followed by dinner. By the time we got to dancing, it was mostly family left but I have to say these guys were really great to work with. Lots of energy and lots of variety on the material. By the time we ended the evening, a strong thunderstorm had moved into the area. It made for a rough drive back to Nashville but hey, that's just part of it.

Here are a couple of pics from the event:

Rick Ryan Nashville Wedding DJ, Lighting & Video Phone: 615-390-2784

Tara & Justin's Wedding (2-20-2010) Jackson, TN

Tara & Justin's Wedding (2-20-2010) Jackson,

This weekend found us in Jackson, TN at the DoubleTree hotel for Tara & Justin's wedding. The hotel is a nice facility and the staff was very accomodating. This was also a full DJ, Sound and Lighting service so we got to pull out all the stops with full room uplighting, gobos, pin-spotting, spotlight. With roughly 225 in attendance, I decided to only use the Bose rig. It was more than enough.

This was a Sasha-Souza event and I always love working with those guys. They have excellent tastes in decor and are experts at making an event flow smoothly. While the evening started off quiet, it certainly didn't finish up that way. These guys are great and they really have a lively bunch of friends, which made for a great event for us. Before it was all over, we even pulled out the karaoke and got treated to some really good k-singers.

(this was my personal favorite pic)

Rick Ryan Nashville Wedding DJ, Lighting & Video Services 615-390-2784

Gilly & Brent's Wedding (3-20-2010) Chattanooga, TN

Gilly & Brent's

Matthew and I had the chance to DJ the Ceremony and Reception for this wonderful couple over the "The Mill of Chattanooga". This is a very quaint old structure in the downtown district. This facility was built in the early 1900s and originally served as location for a pediatric drug manufacturer and a hosiery mill. The current owners have really done a nice job at transforming it into a gorgeous venue facility with accomodations for up to 500. This particular wedding had about 250 in attendance.

The evening started off as more of an elegant affair, complete with a huge wedding cake made completely of cupcakes. Once the general dance portion started however, things quickly heated up and before it was over we even found the bride doing karaoke with her young singing companion.

I'd highly recommend this venue, and their incredible staff. They did a great job and the facility is first-rate.

Rick Ryan Nashville Wedding DJ, Lighting & Video Services 615-390-2784

CHS Prom 2010

Coffee County School Prom

This year, we had the chance to provide DJ and Lighting for CHS in Manchester, TN at the Conference Center. Roughly 500 kids in attendance and they obviously came to party. Knowing the Live Event Pics were going to be a big part of the fun we put up a 2nd projector, aimed at the ceiling over the dance floor:

We then did uplighting all around the room walls and used some of our LED cans to hit several B&W posters of various celebrities and entertainers:

The theme of this year's prom was "Hollywood Glam" and I was well-pleased with how everything turned out, both musically and visually. Here are a few more shots from the evening.

Rick Ryan Nashville Wedding DJ, Lighting & Video Services 615-390-2784

A night to remember in Memphis

(long read) This past weekend, I experienced what will certainly go down as one of the more memorable weddings on record. The engagement was a Wedding Reception held at the Balinese Ballroom on Main Street, downtown Memphis TN. The lucky couple was Ashley and Jonathan. Totally delightful people. They seem well-suited for each other and I'm sure they'll enjoy many years of wedded bliss, but what you (and they) don't know are the details, first in getting there, then getting (or trying to) home afterwards. First off, you'll need a picture of the lucky couple. Ashley & Jonathan

The trip was suppose to take 3.5 hours so I left just after noon on Saturday. The weatherman was calling for rain, so I allowed myself some extra time. I made it to the Dickson/Centreville exit (148) when I got stopped by a traffic jam. After waiting a bit, my wife looked it up on TDOT and they were calling for it to be jammed until 7pm. I managed to get off the interstate and headed over towards Hwy 100 (16 miles). The rain was miserable, and there were numerous places where streams were running across the road. After 60 miles of white-knuckle driving, I finally got back to the interstate and headed West.

About 20 miles from Jackson, there was another jam. This time, it was a river that'd re-routed itself over the interstate. Had to drive through about 75 yards of moving water, as if my knuckles weren't white enough already, but I got through it. It continued raining heavily until about 30 miles outside of Memphis and all along the interstate you could see where floodwaters were covering the land-side.

I finally arrived at the venue around 6:20p and started setting up as fast as possible. The first guests started arriving at 6:45p and here I am, sweat pouring and still in jeans. I put on some dinner music, grabbed my clothes and disappeared to change. By the time I'd finished getting everything in place I was winded but it was time for the wedding party. Went out to meet them and got everyone lined up for the Grand Entrance. Although I was pretty scattered, mentally, I managed it and got dinner music started. The first dances and cake cutting went smoothly and by the time we began open dancing, everything felt back on track.

By 10p, the party was in full-tilt when a lady from the venue approached me with a worried look on her face. "We need to make the bride and groom aware that the police just came by. Tornado alarms are going off and they're evacuating the city." Okay, this is new territory for me so I let them know about it and started working with the venue to decide if we needed to get out of the building or move everyone to the middle of the structure. The venue owner, Mike, finally got through to the police and determined there was no evacuation and so the party continued until midnight. Great group of people and they partied like rock-stars.

Once we shutdown I set in to trying to find a hotel room in the immediate area. No way do I want to be driving around in the darkness with multiple tornadoes in the area. Problem was, no rooms anywhere in the city. Out of the kindness of his heart, Mike took pity on me and allowed me stay inside the venue, sleeping on his couch in the bar area. I got to sleep around 2:30a and woke at 6:30a to get loaded. Mike returned a little after 7 and I was on the road by 7:30a, headed home. Little did I know the adventure was just beginning.

The weather was okay, some rain, some clear and I made good time until about 60 miles from home. The interstate was stopped again and at the same exit I'd gotten stopped at before. The Duck River apparently was flowing over the interstate so I got off, thinking I'd pull my same little jump over to Hwy100 to continue heading east. A couple of miles off the interstate, I ran into some serious rain and by the time I'd reached the Duck River, the water was almost up to the bridge. By the time I reached Hwy100, the police were turning everyone away. Hwy 100 was closed. About the time I was going to turn around, the national guard pulls around me, headed towards the break in the highway: National Guard caravan

I asked the policeman if I could return to the interstate and he waved me around. By the time I'd traveled 4 miles back to the Duck River bridge, water and debris was coming over the road: I found out later that evening that the bridge (just behind this picture) washed out, just a little while after I got over it. Close call.

By the time I got back to the interstate, not only was the east-bound side blocked but now the west-bound lanes were blocked by another section of water crossing the interstate. I, and a hundred of so other travelers were trapped on the overpass. About that time, the wife calls and tells me "The basement is flooding, what do I do?" We spent the next hour on the phone and I have to say she handled a tough situation like an expert. A friend of ours came over and helped her put out sandbags to stop the water and she and the kids worked, continually sweeping water out of the garage. It was a helpless feeling I hope to never repeat. About that time, the river subsided enough that they released the east-bound lanes so I got back on the interstate, headed towards home.

At the main Dickson exit, the interstate was again shut down so I got off and re-routed around Hwy70 to the next exit. I made to about 5 miles from Bellevue before the interstate again shut down. This time, it was the Harpeth river that'd overflowed its banks, and the interstate, and was flooding much of West Nashville (you might've seen the footage on CNN). I was stuck there for about 5-6 hours, and everyone was outside of their cars, walking around. Many were trying to get cellphone service and I asked a couple of guys "What service to you have?" One was "AT&T" and the other was "T-Mobile". Gee, my Verizon phone worked fine. (GRIN). I also noticed that I was stuck right behind Diamond Rio's bus and several of their guys were off the bus, stretching their legs, until a couple of ladies came around, hounding them for attention. The guys bailed back onto their bus quickly. Around 6p, some State Troopers came through and told everyone to either head back west or park it for the night. I headed back to Dickson, which was a mad-house. Hundreds of truckers parked in every open spot along the highway and cars jammed in gridlock. Of course, no hotels were to be found so I put out an SOS on my facebook page. Within minutes the phone started ringing and a friend had phoned her cousin in White Bluff, who agreed to let me stay in their spare room, overnight. Great people and I'm thankful they were so kind to this stranger, else it'd have been the "Hotel Camry" for me.

The next morning, given that I-40 was still closed, I headed towards Clarksville (30 miles north) and just as I got to the edge of town, saw that the Red River had over-flowed its banks and was about to shutdown the road I was on: The Red River, near Clarksville I also heard on the radio that they were just about to release the dam and were warning everyone that the area would be flooded with an extra 3 feet of water. Fortunately, I was able to get through town and made it to I-24 just in time.

The rest of the trip was relatively easy. Long Hollow Road has just been re-opened that morning, so I was able to use that to get back to our house, arriving around 12:15p (Monday). We spent the rest of the day, cleaning the basement, thankful to be back home with my family.

And another gig is complete.

(By the way, in case you want to see the pics from the reception, here they are)

Janice's big birthday bash

This past weekend, we marked Janice Welch's birthday with a party that I'm sure will be talked about for some time to come. Held at the Bluegrass Country Club in Hendersonville, this facility has a superb staff and they handled this event in true professional form. The main ballroom was used, given Janice's guest list of 200+ and it was decked out, complete with a bunch of really fun, pink flamingo balloons. Given the occasion, we pulled out all the stops and added color-changing, up-lighting, dual LED gobo projectors on the ceiling and a spotlight. The evening started off with guests mingling and enjoying the delicious food prepared by the club. Janice's daughter presented a "Your Life" video montage and followed it up with a great "Top 10 List" that was presented by various friends and family. An Elvis impersonator then entertained the crowd to round out the evening's special events.

By the time this was all finished, the crowd let me know they were ready to rock and rock they did........all the way up to midnight! We kept the playlist to mostly Motown material; 60s, 70s and some 80s. Janice's daughter, Stephanie, is a singer for Garage Band Revival and does both a great Patsy Cline and Tina Turner. She got up and wowed the crowd with some karaoke, along with a few other guests (check out the video here). By the end of the evening, I think we were all worn out but plenty of smiles to go around.

Thanks, Janice, for letting me be a part.

Michelle & Michael's Wedding - 12-6-2009

Had the pleasure of performing for Michelle and Michael's wedding at the Cedars of Lebanon State Park in Lebanon, TN. They have a great little convention/meeting hall that really captures that "out in the woods" feeling perfectly. The building has a single, large room in the center, with really rustic, rock walls all around. M&M are one of the most pleasant, easy-going couples I've run into in a long time and after meeting them I knew this would be a great event. Given the ceremony and reception were being held in the same place, the room had to be reset for the reception. After getting the DJ and dance lighting rigs in place, I added in gobo and up-lighting around the room. Wow, does that rock wall ever make the up-lighting "pop"! The guests included a wide variety of ages, some local and many who'd driven in from Georgia, Wisconsin, etc. I had the chance to meet several of them and they were all great folks.

I wish all the best for the lucky couple.

11-14-2009 Disco is not dead!

This week I headed up the Westmoreland to work at Debbie's big 50th birthday party. The family had rented the VFW hall there and the theme was Disco!! Now I know, this makes some people break out in hives but, honestly, this one was a lot of fun. A number of guys came in full leisure suits and large-hair motif and the girls came in an assortment of throw-back fashions that'd make any 70s child proud. As this was a surprise party, Debbie had no idea what was up until she was ushered in the door. Then, as soon as she'd gotten her bearings and over the initial shock she was treated to a rousing rendition of "YMCA" by "The Almost Village People". The rest of the evening was spent in grand fashion, with lots of pictures to show for it.

11-7-2009 Keri & Khanh's reception

My wife described it best, "What a lovely couple!" when I showed her some pictures from the up-coming montage. This was one of those events that remind me how much I love my job. First off, the venue. Mere Bulls is a fine-dining establish (calling it a restaurant doesn't do it justice) with few equals in the area and they handled this event with style and flair, in spades. Carlin was our coordinator from the venue and she was a delight to work with. She handled every detail with ease and never lost that smile on her face. The presentation they give at the table was superb and it's simply amazing to peek into the kitchen and see 150+ meals prepared and served (together), each one a work of art in itself.

Sound-wise, I have to admit, this facility is a challenge. The guests were spread out among 5 different rooms and on two different floors. Once I got final seating arrangements from Carlin, I made a last-minute decision to add sound in a 2nd room. This turned out to be a good call as they decided to have the toasts there, instead of on the patio where we were setup. It pays to be flexible.

After dinner and toasts we moved it out to the patio for the first dance. The couple chose Leona Lewis' "A Moment Like This", a great selection. Given the schedule had been thrown off a bit by a late start, Khanh asked me to do the bouqet and garter tosses, instead of dancing. I have to throw in a prop here for Khanh. He was an incredibly poised and "together" individual. It's always a joy to get to work with someone like him.

The rest of the afternoon was spent dancing, mostly by the younger crowd. We formed a "soul train line" and even had several from the wait staff who joined in on the fun. Great reception.

10-25-2009 gig log - Jenny & Jordan's wedding reception

Sunday evening brought the wedding of Jenny & Jordan. It was held at a simply gorgeous place in Hendersonville called Spring Haven. Kara and Kevin are the owners there and are marvelous hosts. After holding the ceremony at the front of the house, the guests all came to the rear area where they have a porch setup specifically for receptions. There were about 200 guests in attendance, my largest at this venue to date. No matter, Kara handled it like the pro she is and put on a quite-elegant event. I'd met with Jenny and her mother the previous week and she let me know she wanted a more toned-down event, without all the dance effects lighting. I setup a simple mirror ball with pin spots and a couple of color-changers to up-light the canopy. It looked very nice.

When the buffet line was opened, a long line of guests stretched out, passing right by the DJ stand. As they came by, I snapped pics and put them into the slideshow. It was a hit, to say the least. During dinner, I threw a few live pieces at them, as well some standard Sinatra and Buble. Very nice crowd and lots of smiles to go around.

Now this group was generally a pretty conservative group, however, after the first dances, I notched it up and put on some good dance numbers. It apparently struck the right nerve, judging by the squeals of delight and suddenly the dance floor was moving. I have to admit, I didn't expect it but those guys had some moves and really enjoyed themselves.

As evening approached, the temperature started dipping pretty hard and so Jenny eased up to the DJ stand and told me they were ready for their exit. The remaining crowd formed two lines and lit sparklers for the exit. Then Jenny tossed her bouqet from the back of a truck they were using for their exit. At the end of the evening I just had to smile, thankful to have been a part of such a cool, cool event.

10-24-2009 gig log - Matt & Rachel

Well, this one turned out to be a bit of a challenge (I'll get to that in a minute). On Saturday, I worked a Wedding Reception at The Church of the Assumption, in Nashville. There were roughly 200 guests in attendance and it was a really nice affair. I rarely have to use a generator for electrical but that's what this one called for so I took the Honda EU2000 with me. Pretty standard fare, dinner hour while the bridal party members were getting photos. After the bride & groom made their entrance, Rachel asked me to kick it up a bit, Beastie Boys and some other hip-hop stuff. It was perhaps different than my norm but it worked and she seemed to be enjoying it. After about an hour of playing, the power kicked off. Now I don't know about you, but this is what a DJ's nightmares are made of. I got it back on as quickly as possible, about the time they were ready for the first dance. No other choice but just go with it and hope for the best.

Of course, again to my horror, it kicked off again.......DURING THE FIRST DANCE. Well, this is a first for me and I was literally sick for the timing. Needless to say, the Honda was sold earlier this week. No more generators (at least supplied by me). I grabbed an armful of extension cables, then ran power from the outside of the building. Not sure if we needed permission but hey, there wasn't time for that. Had power back up quickly, just as "Brick House" was coming on. Rachel handled it like a pro and just said "The moment's passed, let this one play." They had their first dance to it.

From there, the party took off like a rocket and this was a serious party crowd. I threw everything I had at them for 3 hours straight. They took it all and were ready for more. With the small(ish) dance area, I had a bunch of guests bumping into the DJ desk with drinks in hand so I had to improvise to make sure no liquid got into the laptop. I threw some papers over it and the mixer and ran the rest of the night with my hands underneath. I have to admit, by the end of the evening, I was worn out. Apparently around 8:30p, the neighbors had begun calling the police to complain and by 8:45p, the bride's sister came running over to tell me "Shut it down now! The cops are here!"

Like I said, these guys were serious party people and I got a ton of action pics. Besides the power drop, this is the kind of evening that makes it all worthwhile.

Rebecca and Brady's wedding (10-17-2009)

Some receptions are a celebration and then there are those that are a total, no-holds-barred, absolute throw-down! This one was the latter. The reception was held in the Patio Room at the Brentwood Country Club. First off, props to Jim Talbot and crew for being such fine hosts. They were professional, friendly and ultra-fast on cleanup when a guest had broken their glass on the dance floor. I'd highly recommend this facility to anyone. The guests started arriving around 5:15pm. I put on some light dinner music, welcomed the guests, then started circulating to get the first round of pictures. I dearly love the expressions when that first group of pics hit the slideshow. After a pretty extensive photo session, Rebecca and Brady (and their team of photographers) made their Grand Entrance. The first dance was fun with Bill Wither's "Lovely Day", followed by the traditonal Bride-Father and Groom-Mother dances. After cake-cutting, we cranked it up a bit and the dancers certainly weren't far behind. These guys danced to everything I could throw at them, and then some. We finally shut things down around 10pm.

The only bad part of the evening was the end. It was one of those parties you just don't want to see end. Here's wishing for years and years of happiness and joy to the lucky couple. You guys deserve it.

Lisa & Brent - October 11, 2009 - The Factory at Franklin

This one turned out interesting. First off, the venue. The Factory at Franklin, TN. The Factory is an old factory (hence, the name) that was converted to a mall. To host parties/receptions, they have a fairly large conference room. The facility is laid out really well and I highly recommend it. No idea on price, but it's a great facility. They have a large stage setup and the DJ sets up to one corner. They did the ceremony, then during cocktails the head table was setup. Like I said, nice facility.

I took Matthew along as my assistant and as we're setting up I realized, oops, left my laptop's power supply at home. First time that's happened. No matter, pull out the backup unit and nobody (except Matthew and I) were the wiser for it. Just as I thought I'd seen my curveball for the day, a guy comes running up and tells me their arrangements for the ceremony music fell through. Given that I dearly love playing the hero, I gave my best smile and told him "No problem, I've got you covered."

The rest of the evening went off without any more curveballs. Good crowd and they had a pretty wide variety of song requests. I have to admit though, this was the first time I can remember getting requests for "The Wiggles" at a wedding reception. The little kids loved it and chased my the light beams on the dance floor from my rig, pretty much the whole evening.

I have to say, both Lisa and Brent were a delight to work with. I had the chance to speak with both of them throughout the evening and I wish them both all the happiness in the world. The lucky couple