Lindsay & Clint' - Rural Hills Church of Christ (Wedding)

Client: Lindsay & Clint
Date: January 5th, 2013
Venue: Rural Hills Church of Christ – Antioch, TN
Service Provided: DJ, Emcee
Photo Album: Lindsay & Clint

This week finds us in Antioch at Rural Hills Church of Christ for Lindsay and Clint's Wedding Reception. Here's Lindsay, dancing with her father.

The event was held in the fellowship hall of their home church. Given that it was a non-alcoholic event and being hosted in a church, Lindsay was concerned that there might not be any dancing (or very little). You tell me:

This was a basic DJ service and I decided to use the Bose. Everything sounded great and the event went off even better than expected. The guests loved The Shoe Game (as did the Bride & Groom). Now for the behind-the-scenes story.

Given that this was a basic DJ event, I decided to take the Bose and use my personal car (instead of the van). Matthew and I left in plenty of time but when we were about 5 miles away I got rear-ended by a Ford Expedition doing roughly 45 MPH. The Camry ended up being totaled and had the bumper hanging down with the trunk caved in about a foot.


To make matters worse, the other driver decided to leave before the police showed up. I called the client, to let them know what happened then waited. After the report was written up, I ripped the spoiler and bumper off and threw them on the side of the road then, drove the car to the church. We had to go in through the rear seat to get to the gear and, fortunately, the Bose wasn't destroyed in the accident. I popped several Ibuprofen, put on a big smile, then conducted the service we were contracted for.

Now I'm mentioning this because it's a prime example of why it's good to go with a multi-DJ service. We had another DJ, only 3 miles away, who was ready to go if needed. Regardless of the claim some DJs make that "I've never missed a gig." things can and do happen. It's always best to be prepared for ALL contingencies.

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