Brittney and Matt-wedding - Nashville, TN

Brittney and Matt-wedding - Nashville, TN - April 24, Nashville Wedding DJ, Lighting & Video

After last night's intimate affair in Huntsville, this one was much larger and held at Riverwood Mansion in Nashville, TN. Not sure if you've ever been to Riverwood but I have to be totally honest, I was a bit tepid at first. The Mansion is located in a residential subdivision in Inglewood and sometimes those kinds of places have what I'd call exceedingly harsh requirements on sound volume. Without proper volume, it's doubly hard to get a crowd on the dance floor. However, I was pleasantly surprised that the staff was extremely professional, polite and accomodating. It was a delight to work with them and it's always nice to work with someone who is so careful in the details of how they make their presentation.

The facility has a gorgeous garden area, which was scheduled for the ceremony, but rain made us switch plans at the last possible minute and we brought everything inside the huge tent they have connected to the mansion. The facility easily held the 250+ in attendance and even after a hard, driving rain moved in, the structure was solid and the guests hardly even noticed. I might also mention that the tent has proper heating/cooling units. This is a detail that's easily missed by most brides, but can be a killer on the day of. Riverwood is first rate all the way.

Brittney and Matt both were a delight. Full of personality and very easy to work with. We coordinated with Riverwood staff and executed a perfect ceremony, then moved straight into the dinner portion. It's amazing at how fast they were able to re-set the room, from ceremony to dinner tables. The rest of the evening was spent with guests mingling and dancing throughout.

Here are a couple of pics from the event:

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