New Blisslights added!

New gear is always exciting to me. Yea, I know it's about as interesting as watching paint dry to most brides but this one will be turning quite a few heads in the coming months. What am I talking about? Blisslights!! Here's a good example: Blisslights in action

I saw one of these at an ADJA meeting, months ago, and have been dying to get my hands on it. Finally got a screamer of a deal so I've ordered two (2) of them that should be here by the middle of February, 2010. They're laser units, but far different from our other units. These things paint a slow-moving star system on the ceiling and have an adjustable blue nebula. The effect is jaw-dropping (at least it dropped my jaw the first time I saw it). Even in a roomful of road-hardened DJs the only words uttered were "Wow!" I've spoken with other DJs that have these and they pretty much give the same description. Guests walk into the event and the first thing they do is look up at the ceiling and open their mouths in amazement.

As of this writing, I plan to include the Blisslights, free, with any Uplighting package. Color-changing LED par cans against the walls/columns, two gobo projectors (your monogram in lights), spotlight and the new Blisslights. Now the hard part, waiting another 2 weeks for delivery.