Justin Tubb - gig story

I'm DJing in Feb. and the groom's name is "Justin Tubbs" and it reminded me of a gig story regarding the country singer "Justin Tubb" (Grand Ole Opry). The following story is true. Justin Tubb was the son of country music legend, Ernest Tubb, and was a true country music star in his own right. He had a heart attack, at home I think, and died in 1998. The following evening, I was scheduled to appear on the Opry with Stonewall Jackson (incidentally he's still my Opry boss). We met in dressing room #6 about 30 minutes prior to spot time. Pretty much the usual routine, tune, talk, run down a few songs, talk, tune, repeat. During one of the many "talking" moments, the subject turned to Justin Tubb and how he'd passed just a few hours prior. It was also mentioned that he was suppose to have been sharing this dressing room with us this evening.

Now we were sitting there with the dressing room door standing wide open. Those dressing room doors are solid and maintenance makes certain they are perfectly balanced. You won't see them swing open or closed by themselves, ever. I believe it was Turp who brought up Justin's name and we were all reflecting on his passing when, all at once, the door swung closed. There was nobody in the doorway and the doors swing open to the inside (no way anybody from the outside could've closed it), and none of us were anywhere near the door. It just closed by itself.

Everyone's eyes got really, really wide and the room fell dead-quiet. Turp (Stonewall's son and drummer) finally was the first to pipe up, "I guess Justin didn't want to miss his spot tonight." You couldn't help but feel a cold chill.......

(I'll have to tell you guys about the Justin track we were mixing, a few weeks later, that started playing by itself in the middle of the night)