Secret City Festival - 6/19-20/ 2009

Got a call from an old client, who asked me to come work the Secret City Festival in Oak Ridge, TN. This festival has been around for the better part of 30 years and wow, has it grown! I provided 2 Karaoke booths; one for the little kids and one for the teen area. The weather turned off hot, hot that week and was well north of 90 the whole time. We setup under canopies and had to work to keep the sun out of the booths. The first day was fairly quiet and my partner and I both just pretty much DJed, most of the day. One thing that immediately tickled me was that when we pulled up and unloaded there were probably 4-5 P.A. systems being tested out at various booths in my area. However, as soon as I got out that Bose and fired it up they all went silent and I never heard any of them again. That Bose just sound fantastic and it's stuff like that which makes me so very glad I invested the extra cash.

Anyways, I did setup the bubbler and started filling the yard with bubbles and the kids loved it. They'd start running around the area, jumping and popping bubbles, usually with a mom or dad hard on the heels, trying to keep up. By that afternoon, I finally had some singers lined up and it was off to the races.

Saturday morning started off full-tilt and by the time 10am rolled around there was already a few kids lined up to sing. I don't think I had less than 5 in line at any given time the entire day and I've never seen as many little girls line up to sing Taylor Swift's "Our Song" so many times, consecutively, in my life. Lord, I think it's going to require a lot of therapy sessions to get that one out of my head. At the end of the day another act (The Puppetone Rockers) did their set but decided they wanted to hold over extra, extra long. I had probably a dozen singers lined up and I'll be if they didn't all sit right there and wait ultra-patiently, until the other act finished. We ended up going way overtime but the last one was a 20-something dude who wanted to sing Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive". It was hysterical, not to mention quite convincing. Great way to finish off a day.