Covington Country Club

Well, a pretty tiring (but very cool) gig in the history books. I worked a golf tournament after-hours mixer at the Covington Country Club (Covington, TN) this past Saturday evening. This was the first non-school event where I've taken my son, Matthew, along as assistant. He did great and acted just like an old pro, well beyond his 12 years.

We were contracted from 7p to 10:30p but when we got there at 5:30p we found guests already arriving. Seeing they were way earlier than expected we hot-footed gear out of the trailer and I got sound up within a few minutes. Seeing that we were located outside, just off the 18th green, I brought along the canopy as well and we setup under that. Once sound was up (thank you, Bose) and running, I set in to building out the lighting truss for later in the evening, after the sun goes down.

The guests were almost all the golfers and their families and they had an open bar. Everyone just sat around eating and chit-chatting for the first several hours and by the time they'd given out the prizes (man, did these folks have a lot of prizes!) it was dark so I fired up the projector and lights. The folks were a bit slow at getting into the party mood but by 9p they were definitely "feeling it" and ready to cut a rug.....or a lawn as the case may be. Very diverse crowd and the song requests were all over the place. I always like that.

By 10:30p a group of 20-somethings had turned up, with their dancing shoes already on. The client asked me about playing over and for those of you who know me, I don't make it a habit of saying "No" to clients. Pretty cool bunch of kids and they had a good time until about 11:30p, when the rain and (more importantly) lightning started moving into the area. Now maybe you don't get worried at lightning but hey, call me a wimp, I don't care for the stuff (especially while standing on a golf course) so I shut her down pronto and started packing up as quickly as possible.

I managed to keep at least the equipment fairly dry and finally got the last piece loaded and we were back on the road by 12:30a. Made it most of the way home and ended up at a little hotel just outside of Fairview, TN. Matthew was an absolute trooper.